Improving A2J through Collaboration

By: Scott McFadyen, Executive Director at Legal Help Centre

Access to Justice Gathering August 2nd

On August 2, Legal Help Centre (LHC) gathered with the Community Legal Education Association (CLEA) and Infojustice Manitoba to discuss best practices, share notes, identify trends, and ways to work together. It was a great morning of collaboration.

Best Practices

We discussed how we manage the more complex cases and ways we can improve referrals so that clients receive the best possible information.


All organizations are busier coming out of the pandemic. Referrals from the courts and other organizations are up approximately 20%, as well as overall wait times for service. Cases are more complex, and inequity has grown significantly in Manitoba.

Working Together

We committed to addressing the trends with the Provincial Government, and also committed to holding future A2J gatherings and extending the invitation to other similar organizations.

Special thanks to the Manitoba Law Foundation for providing us with a wonderful lunch from Shawarma Khan.

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