Attitude, Experience and Exposure to A2J

Written by Tasha Ellis, articling student at Robson Hall

Supreme Court Justice Karakatsanis, as Chair of the Action Committee on Access to Justice in Civil and Family Matters, is calling all young legal professionals and law students to complete a short survey to understand your views and experiences around A2J.

Although there has been an increase in awareness to the crisis of A2J in the ten years since the foundational Roadmap for Change (pdf) report was released, there is a substantial amount of work to do. The results of the survey will inform future work of the national committee and it is important to include Manitoba perspectives.

If you were called to the Bar less than 10 years ago, or if you are a law or articling student, please take 5-10 minutes to fill out this important survey.

The views expressed in these blogs do not necessarily reflect the views of the Faculty of Law at the University of Manitoba and should not be construed as legal advice or endorsement.

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